Darlington Conservatives selected me to be their Candidate to be the next MP for Darlington over 8 months ago. In that time I have worked hard to meet many people and many organisations throughout the town. I have worked closely with the Councillors in Darlington to set out a positive vision and that vision paid dividends with a long overdue change in control at our Town Hall.

As the prospect of a General Election looms it will fall to other parties to choose their candidates. Will the current MP be reselected? Will she raise the now thrice tried fear mongering of a threat to our precious Hospital? It is a tried and tested formula for her. Instilling fear of the loss of services at our Hospital once again - unfounded, without evidence but regularly used to secure a victory for Labour. Will crying wolf for a fourth time work again?

This is the absolute worst kind of politics, causing genuine fear amongst people. If anyone really truly cared about Darlington, and cared about the peace of mind of its residents they would not fan the flames of this fear that they resurrect at every election.

Darlington Memorial Hospital, where my own mum did her nurses training, will always be fought for on my watch. It is the right thing to do. It’s what the people of Darlington would rightly demand of me, but I will never seek to win votes by increasing fear worry and concern to residents who rely on its services and the dedicated hard working staff in our NHS.

I challenge all of my opponents - declared and yet to be declared to pledge to not seek to win votes by casting fear over our Hospital here in Darlington.



--- Peter Gibson

Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Darlington