My Letter To Jenny Chapman

Darlington voted to leave the EU. That result must be delivered.

Jenny Chapman must deliver for the People of Darlington.

I call upon Jenny Chapman to rule out a second referendum.


I set out below a copy of the text of my letter to the current MP for Darlington.

Dear Mrs Chapman

I am the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Darlington.

Following yesterday’s news that the Labour Party are calling for a second referendum, recalling the fact that you have resigned from the shadow front bench team once already, recalling that you have in the past publicly stated that Jeremy Corbyn cannot properly lead your party, and recalling that you still returned to serve under his leadership, and most importantly of all, that the voters of Darlington voted overwhelmingly to leave the European Union, I write to seek your confirmation that you will not support a second referendum.

I have published my call to you on my Peter Gibson for Darlington Facebook page and I have also written to the local press with my call to you.

I look forward to you providing your reassurance to the people of Darlington that they expect and deserve.

Yours sincerely

Peter Gibson