About Peter Gibson

Local solicitor Peter Gibson believes that people want more MPs who have had real life experiences to take with them to Westminster to better represent them.

Born in Middlesbrough and raised in Redcar and Saltburn, Peter is the son of an NHS Midwife who once worked at Darlington Memorial Hospital and a shipwright who worked at Smiths Dock.

Living and working in the North East for his whole life, Peter says “I am a passionate northerner, proud of our rich heritage and the bright future we have, but I have often felt that the north could be better represented than it has been in the past. Living locally, and building a business in the Tees Valley and North Yorkshire, I want to be an MP who stands up for our town and be an ambassador for it.”

Peter has worked hard for a variety of charitable causes alongside building his business over the past decade. He said “The energy I have put into everything I have done in my life so far I now want to put to good use for this great town. I will be a visible campaigner on local issues and work hand in hand with the great conservative team of Councillors locally and our fantastic mayor Ben Houchen.”