My Plan

  • Investment in our A&E

    Investing in our A&E. The NHS is getting record investment now. So I’ll campaign to get a share for the Memorial Hospital and better access to a GP. That means we improve emergency care and get an appointment when we need it most.

  • Back our Town Centre

    Backing our town centre. The market is now restored to its rightful place in Market Square. And the introduction of 2 hours free parking now means the end crippling of car parking charges. Meaning more people can come into town and boost local businesses to help create more jobs.

  • A Northern Bypass to end gridlock

    A northern bypass to end gridlock. A new northern bypass will help cut congestion. So I’m campaigning for a link road between the A66 and junction 59 of the A1. A new road will put an end to the gridlock in residential areas.

  • Delivering new homes, in the right places.

    We need new homes in the right places. With schools, roads and health services. That means working with residents to look again at plans for Garden Villages in Faverdale and Skerningham. So new developments work for us.

  • Better Schools and Training Qualifications

    Better schools and training qualifications. Together with the Council, teachers and parents we can make sure schools get the facilities they need, like new sports pitches and better classrooms. And I’ll push for T-Levels at Darlington College to boost earning and learning apprenticeships.

  • More Police with extra resources to crack down on crime.

    More police with extra resource. 20,000 new officers are being recruited, so I will make the case for extra resources in Darlington. And together with the community, we’ll continue to help set up more neighbourhood watch schemes with the police support they need to catch criminals.