Last week in Israel

Last week I joined a group of Conservative Candidates from around the country on a five day trip to Israel organised by Conservative Friends of Israel.

Employment Records Released, and its good news!

Behind the headlines of the new employment stats out today there is more great news. Every one is a story of someone getting a job and having the pride of earning a living and providing for their family.


Why I am backing Boris

PEOPLE have been asking me on the doorsteps of Darlington and through social media for many weeks now how I plan to vote in the leadership election. For most party members it is a private matter but as a potential MP, I understand why people want to know how I will vote.

My Letter To Jenny Chapman

Darlington voted to leave the EU. That result must be delivered.

Jenny Chapman must deliver for the People of Darlington.

I call upon Jenny Chapman to rule out a second referendum.


I set out below a copy of the text of my letter to the current MP for Darlington.

BREXIT Your Questions Answered.

As your Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Darlington it is important that you know and understand my position on this critically important national issue. I have been asked many questions on this over the past weeks since I was selected.






Teesside Airport Saved !

I am absolutely thrilled, as I know the vast majority of people of Tees Valley will be that our Airport has now been rescued by the Tees Valley Combined Authority under the stewardship of our Mayor.

Peter Gibson meets with Ben Houchen over airport

I am pleased to have met with Ben Houchen this week to hear in detail his vision for our Airport. I’m proud to back Ben’s plan. To help Ben save this vital asset for our community please contact the Leader of Darlington Borough Council and ask him to #backbensplan

Peter Gibson selected for Darlington

Local solicitor Peter Gibson has been selected as the Conservative Party candidate for Darlington at the next General Election. Peter said, "I am delighted and thrilled to have been chosen by Darlington Conservatives as their candidate for the next General Election.